JSP Privacy Notice

As the Plan making process is set out in Government regulations, we are required to consult at all stages, so if you register with us to be kept informed we will contact you on a number of occasions. It is our intention to ensure that we use the widest choice of tools to keep you informed and engaged. Therefore, if you wish to be kept informed, please indicate the best way to do so.  As this SCI is an addition to existing SCI’s, each local authority is consulting individually. This means that you may have received correspondence similar to this from two or more local authorities. We apologise for this and ask that if you do wish to be kept informed you use the web link below to register so that we can ensure that you receive only one communication from us in future.


The details of anyone who makes a representation on this SCI Addendum or registers to be consulted on the South Essex Plan will be held on a database maintained and shared between the six South Essex Authorities (Basildon, Brentwood, Castle Point, Rochford, Southend-on-Sea and Thurrock) and Essex County Council. This database will be used for the sole purpose of matters relating to the production of the South Essex Plan.

This database, in whole or in part, may need to be shared with any consultants who the authorities need to work with in order to manage future consultations. Data protection regulations will be enforced with any consultant that this may apply to.

The names of any member of the public making a representation to any South Essex Plan related consultation will be published alongside their representation as these are required to be made a matter of public record. All other personal details will be redacted.